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On Target webpage: - Register your mountain peaks on this national On target Peak Registry.
Varsity On Target on - Follow @bsaontarget

AZ On Target webpage:  http://ontarget.mesavarsity. org
ID Snake River OT site:
ID/WY Grand Teton OT page: http://www.grandtetoncouncil. org/varsity/varsity-on-target
NH On Target website: index.html
NM On Target webpage:  ???
ORE-IDA OT Pages: then click Varsity Scouts in left menu
UT Nat. Parks OT site: 
UT Trapper Trails OT site: http://trappertrailsontarget. com/

Ore-Ida Council Critical Peaks were added to the peak map: edit?mid=zq2k31yWSe78. kjAkheLB4oXg

which is linked and displayed on the page: key-peaks

The following information on each peak is available when clicking on the marker (inverted blue teardrop) on the map:

Granite Peak
44.424444 N 116.142222 W 8241 ft
This linchpin peak links Squaw Butter and Shafer Butte in the south to Heavens Gate to the North. lat=44.4244&lng=-116.1422&ele= 2509 view=O24ORK1P

Heavens Gate
45.368333 N 116.494722 W 8392 ft lat=45.3688&lng=-116.4949&ele= 2564&name=Heavens%20Gate heavens-gate/155179 main-0904.html?view=AB5GHNLA

House Mountain
43.433333 N 115.4875 W 7682 ft lat=43.4333&lng=-115.488&ele= 2337&name=House%20Mountain house/house.htm view=L3H0LHJU

Big Lookout Mtn.
44.608889 N 117.278056 W 7087 ft. lookout-mountain/155153 lat=44.6091&lng=-117.2785&ele= 2162&name=Big%20lookout% 20mountain view=VJDBS88I

Shafer Butte
43.771667 N 116.088611 W 7566 ft shafer-butte/431099 lat=43.7716&lng=-116.089&ele= 2310&name=shafer%20butte view=DJS7V49H

Snowbank Mtn. N Summit
44.451667 N 116.129167 W 8182 ft
For a view South, and especially to link to Shafer Peak, use the higher South Peak. To see into the valley below, though, use this summit. snowbank-mountain/410889 lat=44.4517&lng=-116.1292&ele= 2497 view=SSP0HG8T

Snowbank Mountain S. Pk
44.442778 N 116.136389 W 8830 ft
This peak links Shafer Butte to Heavens Gate.
vs. the shorter North peak, the South Peak has better long distance views, but can't see into the valley below. snowbank-mountain/410889 lat=44.4428&lng=-116.1364&ele= 2497 view=ISCE1FMM

Squaw Butte S. Peak
44.0036 N 116.4117 W 5869 ft squaw-butte/275284 butte/squaw_butte.htm lat=44.0036&lng=-116.4117&ele= 1768 view=J3PJLFNI



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